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The fuel of this project are people, and facts. It is not thought about clouds, quite the opposite.
We know why we do it, we know why we think it, and without a doubt: for whom.

The Guide is the result of intense work, meeting, readings, going back and forth, pauses. She is almost a daughter of each one of us, and as such, we lover her so much that our greatest wish is that everyone, everyone, everyone can meet her and have access to her.

Today is fot people with autism spectrum conditions; tomorrow it will be for others.

A little history...

One day, walking through the park, I experienced an experience that began to change the way I looked at life.

A girl, with tears in her eyes, asked me for help. «It’s for my son and I’m desperate,» she said, and told me that she had a child with neurodiversity, «Benja,» she added with eyes full of light.

The challenge was for it to be accepted, and after that mom’s story, I told her: «See you on Monday.»

I left thinking about how I would do it, and if I could really help him, but that Monday all my fears disappeared, when Benja took the ball and began to run all over the field, happy… happy to be one more, to belong…

The point is that we all have great inner potential, we must help it to explode, and be the best version of ourselves.


Lic. Florencia Bosio

Ps. Paula Miriani

Prof. Ed. Fis. Mirian Usseglio 

Profe Paul Minzer 

We have been following the same paths for several years, from different perspectives: health and sport. Although we arrived at the same destination, right? Work together for the benefit of others. In this case, for the benefit of all the people who practice a sport, considering the latter as a fundamental engine of socialization and inclusion.

 We focus on people who are going through challenges in their development because we want to give as many tools as possible, not only to them, but to their environment, to everyone! We want to create friendly environments for people with autism spectrum conditions, and keep adding and growing. We want to continue helping more and more people. Let this not stop here… 

We love working as a team, exchanging and getting involved. As we did with Paul, a basketball teacher who, always, always, «put on the autism shirt.» And so we are assembling teams, nourishing ourselves from other disciplines, and never losing sight of what unites us.

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